My journey to get healthy again: how I lost 2 pants sizes this year

getting healthy

As a working mom, I’ve always recognized the value of a relatively healthy diet and exercise. I mean, that’s what everyone preaches, right? If you eat better and work out, you’ll feel better, have more energy, sleep better, all of those things.

And it’s true. For a long time, I was diligent about being healthy – going to the gym, packing healthy-ish snacks for work, homemade dinners. I even introduced Rick to some of my more insane healthy snack concoctions back when we were dating – like pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. Delicious, but dangerous for your digestive system when consumed in large quantities (he quickly learned to ask me WHAT I put in my “treats” before consuming entire platefuls, hah!).

I was really good about being active and eating balanced meals during my first two pregnancies. On top of everything else, I suffer from IBS and a sluggish metabolism, so this was always the best way for me to feel good, instead of succumbing to a bloated, sluggish lifestyle.

All of this changed when we lost our little girl. I had no motivation to work out. I wasn’t eating well. All I cared about was managing my grief. When I got through the deepest depths of wallowing, I was hyper-focused on getting pregnant again.

I didn’t take great care of myself when I was pregnant with Chris. As you probably know, it’s hard to change your health habits normally. Trying to do that when you’re pregnant is 100 times harder, because you’re constantly worried about whether something you do or don’t do will hurt your child. So, like many moms, I figured I would just put it off until after the baby came. Once that happened, I would be really ready to get back into a healthy lifestyle!

But for me, getting back on track after Chris was born was a huge struggle. I was a busy mom with two young boys and a business to grow. Rick and I were both super wrapped up in just figuring out the logistics of life. There was no room for a lifestyle change, even if it meant our life would get better and less chaotic as a result.

In July, when I was three months postpartum, I was feeling like crap. I knew that something had to change, and I needed to be the force behind that change. So I dropped Ricky off at school, and went to buy a scale. Seriously. I hadn’t owned one since high school, so this was a scary endeavor. I’m terrified of scales. I was obsessive about my weight in high school, so it felt like a really big deal to go out and make my $12 purchase.

Once we got home, I sat in my bathroom for twenty minutes staring at the square on the floor of my bathroom, willing myself to get on. Finally, I bundled up my courage. And my confidence was totally burst. I hadn’t lost a single pound since bringing Chris home from the hospital. It was a little heartbreaking, but I resolved to get better – to lose 40 pounds by Chris’ first birthday.

So over the coming months, I tried to eat healthy. I re-upped our gym membership, and forced myself to get in some activity three times a week. I waasn’t always consistent, but I was trying. And that’s what matters, right? Trying?

Just before Christmas, I stepped on the scale again. With all of my hard work, I was starting to fit in my jeans again. I was feeling a little better about myself. I was sure that I had lost 15-20 pounds.

Only, the number didn’t move. AT ALL. I was literally the same weight in December that I had been that fateful day in January. While my clothes fit a little better, I hadn’t really committed myself to getting back in shape.

This was a wake-up call for me. I was struggling to eat healthy consistently, which was something I had to face. I was working out, but not enough to make an impact. For me to be a better mom, to have more energy, to be able to keep up with my kids, and feel GOOD about myself, I had to make a change.

My friend Amber was a Beachbody coach. I had seen her posts about how her life had changed by following the 21 Day Fix system. I asked around, and got good reviews from a few friends. So I thought what the heck? I have nothing to lose. I’ll try it.

In February, I did my first round with the 21 Day Fix Extreme. I followed the health plan pretty well (I did have a glass of wine here and there…) and worked out 4-5 days a week with the videos. They’re only 30 minutes long, which makes it really easy to fit them into your day (and the workout goes by super fast!). I loved being able to workout in my living room, changing up what I was doing every day, with my kids home. Ricky would even join in!

I loved having an accountability group. I’m a competitive person, and the support of just knowing that there were other moms just like me trying to get themselves back on track with a healthy lifestyle was really empowering, and helped me stay on track for the three week journey.

Then there was the Shakeology. At first, I thought it was a total gimmick. After all, there are a lot of protein shakes out there. And Shakeology isn’t a cheap investment. But I went with it, because the package came with a 30 day supply of the shakes.

I went into my experience really hesitant. But by the end of the 21 days, I felt better about myself than I had in a couple of years. I had lost 13 pounds. My clothes were REALLY fitting better. My digestive issues felt non-existent, and I wasn’t feeling the effects of a sluggish thyroid. After seeing minimal results over the previous six months, seeing this kind of impact in 3 weeks was incredible.

Over the course of the coming months, I wanted to see if I could find a protein shake that gave me the same results, without the cost. Let me tell you guys, this was a HUGE learning experience. I tried 5 other protein shakes from different nutrition stores in my area. FIVE. All of them cost between $30 and $60 for a 30 day supply. While I didn’t gain any of my weight back, the positive effects the Shakeology had in regards to my energy, digestive system and metabolism just weren’t there.

This summer I decided that enough was enough. My health is worth investing in the product that actually gives me great results. Shakeology is that product. I never thought I would buy into the program, but it’s literally changed my life. I have energy from the moment I roll out of bed. I don’t have that gross, bloated feeling that I used to get every time my IBS flared up, and I feel more vibrant, healthy and alive. I truly attribute that to consistently drinking the Shakeo every day, and using the Beachbody workouts four times a week to keep myself on track.

The Beachbody system has made such an amazing impact on my life. I’m still on my journey – but I think that’s just part of being a parent – a healthy lifestyle is always a little bit of a journey! But I’m down two pants sizes from where I was last summer. I’m comfortable in my own skin. And I’ve re-built a level of self-confidence that has truly made me a better mom, business woman and friend.

I know that I have had amazing results, and that other moms who feel the struggle of leading a health lifestyle need this product, too. Which is why I decided to become a Beachbody coach. I’m not looking to replace what I do – I adore the company I’ve built, and the clients and influencers we work with. But I want to be able to share the amazing things this program has done for my life with other parents in the same position, because it’s changed my health permanently for the better.

If this is you, and you are feeling like I was feeling in February, that NOW is the time to get yourself back on track, I would LOVE to help you. My next challenge group starts October 24th, which means you have the same opportunity that I did: to get yourself back on a healthy lifestyle track with an accountability group of like-minded moms, simple 30 minute workouts you can do from the comfort of your living room, and a healthy meal plan that makes meal planning really easy.

Finding your own version of success starts with feeling confident in yourself. If you want to learn more about how I can help you get there, please reach out via email at, or on Facebook. I’ve been in your shoes – and I truly believe that this is the way to get yourself back to being the working mom you want to be!