Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide + Massive Giveaway!

If there’s one thing I love about the holidays, it’s finding all sorts of magical ways to make things fun for my kiddos. Calls from Santa, baking cookies, going out to see the lights, gifts from our elf….basically, anything that makes this time of year memorable and fun.

But along with the holidays comes a lot of prep work. Making sure you get the right gifts for everyone, prepping food, wrapping presents, etc. etc. etc. And because this time of year literally seems to fly by, it’s easy to get so focused on everyone and everything else, that you leave yourself by the wayside.

And while I’ve shared lots of little things in my Facebook videos this month for moms to indulge in for themselves (my stocking stuffers just arrived, by the way!), sometimes you want a little something unexpected under the tree as well. So if you haven’t taken the time to grab something fun or useful for yourself yet this year, I have some ideas for you, courtesy of a few great brands that I’m partnered up with this month!

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The Cybex Priam

Quite possibly my FAVORITE STROLLER EVER is the CYBEX Priam. I didn’t anticipate loving it quite as much as I do, but it is seriously amazing. Super luxe, the seat is beautifully appointed and plush. The handlebar and stroller bar are trimmed in leather. And there’s a variety of seats to choose from for your little one.

And did I mention the color? I am OBSESSED with this gorgeous red-orange. I wasn’t sure if it would be my favorite, by looking in the photos, but it is truly lovely, and it works for either gender.

I’ve actually been tooling around with it in the snow – yes, we’ve got lots of snow up here in the frigid tundra – and it handles like a champ. Even
better? If you’re active in the winter, you can actually get SKIS for this stroller. Hello, outdoor winter activities! This is honestly the coolest invention for a stroller I’ve ever heard of!



Now, I’m pretty obsessed with nice strollers. I’ve had others that are really nice, too. But this one….well, this one is truly worth the price, in my opinion, because you get great functionality, lots of add-on features, plus a giant heaping of style, all wrapped into one. And the timing couldn’t be better. My other fancy stroller has gotten pretty beat up over the past few years with the boys, and we needed a nice new pram for the new baby’s arrival. LOVE it!

The gb Pockit Stroller

If you’re a busy mom like me, who is constantly on the go and oftentimes not realizing that they didn’t grab the big stroller before they left the house, then you NEED one of these gb Pockit strollers. It’s super compact and great for travel, or just keeping under the seat of your vehicle for those times when you need a stroller quickly, but don’t have one handy.


I love that it folds down to a super compact size. Folded down, it’s small enough to fit underneath an airplane seat! It maneuvers well, and is just a quick way to get in and out of a [store, airport, to the park, etc.] without a huge hassle.

eBags makes travel easy

When you’re a mom, traveling can be stressful. From making sure that you have everything you need, to staying organized, to just making sure your stuff doesn’t get lost, there are so many things to worry about on TOP of carting your kids through the airport or keeping them entertained in the car.


eBags makes all of this easier. Their packing cubes are honestly a lifesaver for travel. I actually love them now for keeping my giant diaper bag organized, too. I can keep one compartment of diapers and wipes, one for snacks, and one for travel toys handy – and then I just grab the whole container out so that I’m not constantly digging through all of the compartments of my bag trying to find what I’m looking for.

They’re super light, which makes them extra handy (because who needs to add MORE weight to their already heavy bags, amiright?). These are great for daily use for moms who are on the go and could use a little more organization, but also a fab find if you have any upcoming spring break plans, are planning to travel for the summer, or if you need some way to keep all of your car trip activities organized (and out of the way)!

I’m also digging their cloud based luggage tag, which helps you easily track lost luggage – or in my case, a potentially lost school backpack. I’ve actually hooked mine onto Ricky’s backpack so that if it gets lost at school or while we’re out and about, someone can easily get it back to us!

munki munki jammies

You already know that I’m a HUGE fan of munki munki jammies, and I am seriously digging their Disney line this holiday season. Something that I LOVE to do at this time of year is get new jammies for everyone in our house, because they’re just a fun treat (and then we all have something new to wear when we open up our presents on Christmas morning!).

munki munki jammies giveaway

munki jammies are so soft and comfy, and they’re made in a way that’s flattering to many body types. That’s such an important concept for moms who’ve gone through lots of body changes with their pregnancies/kiddos over the years! Personally, I like pajamas that fit well but aren’t too tight, that are lightweight while not being too thin, and have fun little details that get me excited about lounging in my jams at the end of the day.

Honestly, because otherwise I won’t even get out of my yoga pants for bed. #momlife

munki fits the bill for all of those things, and more. I also really love that the fabric they use is partially bamboo, which makes it antibacterial and safe to wear after surgery (or childbirth/a c-section). I’m super excited to not just wear these babies now, but pack them in my hospital bag when this baby comes!

Faux Real Shirts

Faux Real is just a fun brand that has super cute stuff for the whole family. Leggings, shirts, baby onesies…there’s so many fun pieces of clothing in their arsenal. I loved their suit-shirt for Chris, and he’ll be wearing their ugly Christmas sweater shirt this week, too – it’s ADORABLE.


If you’re looking for something unique to gift to a friend, a co-worker, or for a fun event, they have exactly what you need!

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